Tracking PSA Levels in Prostate Cancer
by Mike Martin with Kristin Swanson

You can use this page to investigate Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) levels associated to prostate cancer.   p(t) is the serum PSA level and plotted in BLACK in the graph below.   βh is the normal production rate of PSA for healthy prostate endothelial cells.   βc is the production rate of PSA for cancerous prostate endothelial cells.   Vh is the volume of benign PSA-producing cells.   Vc is the volume of cancerous PSA-producing cells and plotted in DASHED RED in the graph below.   γ is the loss rate of PSA in the blood.   The model equations are

p ' (t) = βh Vh + βc Vc - γ p(t)

Vc(t) = Voeρt

The parameters for these functions can be entered below.

βh =      

Vh =      

βc =      

γ =      

Vo =      

ρ =      

p (0) =      

0   ≤   t   ≤