Population Genetics Model
by Mike Martin

This page allows you to iterate a model, given below, for the frequency of allele A in a population of size N (so there are are 2N alleles).   Let p be the frequency of A and then the frequency of allele a is 1 - p.   Let r = 1 - wAA where wAA is the relative survival rate for genotype AA.   Also, let s = 1 - waa where waa is the relative survival rate for genotype aa.   It is assumed on this page that wAa, the relative survival rate of genotype Aa, is equal to 1. It can be shown that at generation t+1, the variable p satisfies

So, given an initial frequency value, p0, this formula is iterated T generations using selected values of r and s.

Enter in the value of the parameters and select the plotting bounds, then press the "Plot" button.

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