The Neubert-Kot Model
by Mike Martin

This page generates plots for the Neubert-Kot Model:

The model helps to descibe the dynamics between the population levels of two different groups -- the predators and the prey.   The measure for the prey population is denoted byNt.   The measure for the predators is denoted by Pt. The parameters are all positive with r being the intrinsic growth rate, K the carrying capacity, the term g Pt being the per capita prey reduction due to consumption by the predators, the term b N being the corresponding per capita predator increase due to consumption of the prey, and d is the death rate of the predator. Note that this system with five parameters can be reduced to a system of two parameters if one assumes predators only live one generation (d = 1) and make the substitutions xt = Nt / K, yt = (g Pt) / (b K), and c = b K. Simulations for the reduced model can be generated at the reduced Neubert-Kot model.   T is the last generation considered with the simulation.   N1 is the initial amount of prey and P1 is the initial amount of predators.   The sequence Nt is displayed in the graph in BLUE and the sequence Pt is given in BROWN.

Enter in the values of the non-negative parameters (described above), then press the "Evaluate" button.

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