Morris-Lecar System of Differential Equations
by Mike Martin

On this page, you can vary the parameters in the Morris-Lecar system of differential equations.   Submit real values for all of the parameters to obtain graphical solutions of the system as functions of time and in the phase plane.   Nullclines (or isoclines) are plotted (dashed) in the phase plane.   A numeric solution on the interval [0, T] is produced using Mathematica's numerical ODE solver, NDSolve. Initial values for both the potential, v, and recovery, w, must be input.   The first plot gives the potential (red), the second graph is that of the recovery or blocking (purple), and the third plot is the phase plane with nullclines and the solution (black).

Enter in the value of the parameters and select the plotting bounds, then press the "Plot" button.

ε =  

Iapp =  

v0 =  

w0 =  

T =  

  ≤   v   ≤  

  ≤   w   ≤  

The nullclines (dashed) are plotted below. Notice how they change, specifically how their point of intersection varies as the applied current, Iapp, varies.   The phase-plane solution is plotted in black.


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