The Lineweaver-Burk Transformation for Michaelis-Menten Data
by Mike Martin

This page generates a plot of the Lineweaver-Burk Plot for Michaelis-Menten data. The Michaelis-Menten equation is given by

Michaelis-Menten Equations

The equation can be rewritten as


In this form, the relationship can be considered linear in the variables 1/S and 1/V

Enter in values for the Michaelis-Menten data, then press the "Plot" button. The data is analyzed using the Lineweaver-Burk transformation, so the (S, V) data should be entered as (1/S, 1/V). Some sample, computer-generated data is listed in the input field below to try by default. Note that Mathematica syntax has the list of ordered pairs (2, 5), (7, -1), & (9, 3) entered as {{2, 5},{7, -1},{9, 3}}

data =  

The contributions and biographies of Maud Menten and Leonor Michaelis are both interesting reads.

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