The Leslie-Gower Model
by Mike Martin

This page generates plots and data for the Leslie-Gower Model:

The model helps to describe the dynamics between the population levels of two different insect species; one of the species, the host, can be used to host the eggs of the other insect species, a parasite.   Ht is the density of the host species in generation t and Pt is the density of the parasite species in generation t.   The parameters, α1 and α2, represent the growth rates of each species in the absence of the other species.   γ1 is a non-negative parameter that with increasing values restricts the population of the host.   Similarly, γ2 is a parameter that can, with large values, restrict the population size of the parasites; note, too, that the ratio of Pt to Ht in the denominator of the second equation results in a restricted parasite population when the host population is small.   T is the last generation considered with the simulation.   H1 is the initial host population and P1 is the initial parasite population.   The sequence Ht is displayed in the graph in BLUE and the sequence Pt is given in BROWN.

Enter in the values of the non-negative parameters (described above), then press the "Evaluate" button.

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