The Exponential & Logarithmic Functions and Their Inverse Relationship
by Mike Martin

On this page, you can vary the base of the exponential and logarithmic functions. Once the parameter is set you can plot both functions and the identity line, y = x. Submit real values for the base that are positive and not equal to one. Enter in the bounds for the x-variable and then the bounds for the y-variable are the same as those for the x-variable.

The exponential and logarithmic functions may be written as

f ( x ) = bx     with     f -1 ( x ) = logb x


g ( x ) = logb x     with     g-1 ( x ) = bx

Enter in the value of the parameter b and select the plotting bounds, then press the "Evaluate" button.

b =  

  ≤   x   ≤  


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