Quadratic Image Transformations
by Mike Martin
in collaboration with John Jungck

You can use this page to investigate the quadratic transformation of an image. A point, (x, y), on the original image is transformed to a different point, (p(x, y), q(x, y)), on the new image. The functions are

F(x, y) = (p(x, y), q(x, y))
p(x, y) = a x2 + b x y + c y2 + d x + e y
q(x, y) = f x2 + g x y + h y2 + i x + j y

The parameters for these functions can be entered below.

a =       b =       c =       d =       e =      
f =       g =       h =       i =       j =      

Original Image
Transformed Image