LPA Model
by Mike Martin

This page generates plots and data for discrete model of population levels for three different developmental stages within a species.   The model equations are:

The model helps to describe the dynamics between the population levels of three different developmental classes within a species -- Larva ( Lt ), Pupa ( Pt ), and Adult ( At ).   b represents the average number of larvae produced per adult.   μa and μl are the mortality fractions of adults and larvae.   The fractions   exp(-celLt)   and   exp(-ceaAt)   are the probabilities that an egg is not eaten in the presence of Lt larve and At adults in one time unit.   The fraction   exp(-cpaAt)   is the survival probability of pupa in the presence of At adults in one time unit.   T is the last generation considered with the simulation.   L1, P1, and A1 are the initial conditions.  

The sequence Lt is displayed in the graph in BLUE, the sequence Pt is given in BROWN, and the sequence At is given in PURPLE.

Enter in the values of the non-negative parameters (described above), then press the "Evaluate" button.

b =  

cea =  

cel =  

μl =  

cpa =  

μa =  

L1 =  

P1 =  

A1 =  

T =  


LPA Model